Club plates

We are registered with VIC Roads as the Vintage Vespa scooter club of Victoria since 1997 and have Club plates available all you need to do is have a Vintage scooter to ride , we are not fussed about the brand name so any Vintage scooter is welcome , when we go on rides you just have to make sure that you have insurance .

Our Club us is a non profit organization and we do not charge a member ship fee and anybody in Australia  is welcome to join but for Club plates you have to live in Victoria .

We are proudly sponsored since 1995 by Frank and his crew from the Vespa House and every member will receive a discount if you are a Club member .

We are by Shannons Insurance as well as Scooterlaps which is run by Derek who will service any scooter new or old any member will receive a 10% discount .

While u asleep is a Retro Motorbike shop and printing place which is run by Dion who is also a big supporter of our Club any member will receive a 10% discount.

All our supporters are also active members and have therefore an inherent passion for vintage scooters .